Coffee Themed Kitchen Linen

Coffee themed gifts are a thoughtful idea for the friend, co-worker who can't wait for coffee time and is always the first in the break room to recharge for a working day. Imagine their delight when you present them with this beautiful 5-piece...

$12.99 as at 02:28 UTC. (Details)

The world has gone vintage with a nostalgic salute to all things presenting a bit of history and maybe even a story to tell like these retro red, vintage canisters----fabulously fifties in style and still a great choice for storing your coffee, tea...

$34.65 as at 10:37 UTC. (Details)
Pretty porcelain coffee cup in gold, black and white

Great gifting idea for coffee lovers who understand that all great things can be achieved after a satisfying cup of coffee----so you'd better grab one of these stylish coffee cups with the classic quote "But First Coffee" in gorgeous gold, black and...

$22.95 as at 08:04 UTC. (Details)

With the gifting season not far out, a set of four coffee mugs with a stylish graphic is sure to be a winner...... with coffee lover friends, work mates or someone closer to home These golden coffee mugs will steal the show displayed in your...

$26.99 as at 08:04 UTC. (Details)

What is it about old tin coffee signs that make us smile with appreciation for a time long past... as the remnants of that era are reproduced for the modern age----so we can enjoy a bit of coffee house history on our kitchen wall---like this...

$8.99 as at 19:42 UTC. (Details)

For the price of a few cups of your favorite coffee at the local cafe... you could have your kitchen looking coffee shop perfect---with your own creative display of these fun and highly decorative wall decals---featuring charming, vintage cafe...

$7.99 as at 10:38 UTC. (Details)

The alarm has gone off---time to get up and hit the gym, get ready for work or finish that essay.... BUT FIRST COFFEE!!! If this is how your day begins, this ultra-stylish coffee themed sign has to find a place on the kitchen wall above your...

$19.99 as at 10:38 UTC. (Details)

It's morning and you head for the coffee bar... in your kitchen, feeling the soft pile of your new coffee bean rug underfoot and smile as you sip on a delicious little late---to get you started for the day!Size of this mat is 18" x 31" so a...

$14.55 as at 10:38 UTC. (Details)

A beautiful piece of art-work placed for all to enjoy in the home... Has a heartwarming appeal, especially if you are a coffee lover and the subject matter is dear to your heart---like this endearing set of canvas prints featuring classic imagery...

$42.98 as at 10:38 UTC. (Details)