Cafe Quality, Design Coffee Themed Wall Decals/Stickers

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For the price of a few cups of your favorite coffee at the local cafe…

you could have your kitchen looking coffee shop perfect—with your own creative display of these fun and highly decorative wall decals—featuring charming, vintage cafe signs, coffee pots and cups!

They come in sheets and like most decals you peel and stick them to the wall..

The beauty here is you have so many unique decals to choose from your imagination can run wild with interesting design ideas plus you can take your time as they re-position fairly easily and can be removed without leaving any marks.

You can get the whole family involved putting these decals up…

and watch your kitchen evolve into the cafe theme you’ve always wanted to try. If you own a bakery, coffee house this would be a cost-effective way to set the ambiance—-ready for customers to flock through the door!

This is a pretty good deal with beautifully designed, authentic coffee themed decals—-good looking enough to be seen on an up-market cafe wall


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