Coffee Kitchen Decor With A Cozy Coffee Shop Theme

So you have just returned from your favorite, local coffee shop and would love to recreate the same ambiance and look in your own kitchen. if your’e  sitting with a freshly brewed latte thinking how you are going to achieve this goal without spending too much, the good news is you might be closer than you think to making this happen as the coffee kitchen decor available today is generally inexpensive, with a wide variety of items from coffee wall art to great looking canisters that keep your coffee fresh plus coffee cups, kitchen towels, rugs and cafe curtains all with a magic coffee theme.

if you’re kitchen cabinetry is stained wood, you’re half way there as this look is popular in coffee shops giving a warm, cozy and inviting appeal, making you want to stay there all day, drinking coffee with friends. You could paint the walls, cabinets into a soft white, black or warm coffee colors and create a menu chalkboard for coffee house authenticity, as most coffee shops pop up in well used retail spaces where there is often exposed brick, concrete giving an industrial feel that is easily emulated with wooden countertops and metal furniture in this style

You might want to take off some cabinet doors to give that classic open look you see in coffee shops and showcase coffee kitchen decor items like classic black and white coffee cups, jars filled with coffee beans, old coffee pots, a commercial coffee maker and anything you can find of interest to catch the eye. Cover the walls in vintage coffee tin signs and old prints or pictures that feature yesteryear coffee adverts. Metal wall art and clocks are also a popular coffee wall decor choice.

Today’s coffee houses are a timeless mix of old and new, so source charity shops for antique coffee items that will get your kitchen looking like a coffee shop that anyone would love to spend time in. For ideas visit your local coffee hangout and write down all the things you would like to have included in your kitchen theme. Take note of the color scheme, furniture  and coffee decor you want to emulate. Keep this checklist with you as you look for the coffee kitchen decor you think will work the best.

You might find when friends pop by, they may never want to leave!



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