Coffee Kitchen Decor With A Paris Cafe Theme

Ever woken from a dream to have the scintillating smell of freshly brewed coffee wafting through your bedroom, bringing you completely awake and ready to follow that irresistible aura of coffee, waiting for you to take that first invigorating sip?

Such is the power of this daily toil that has many of us eagerly waiting for that coffee break at work or home so we can charge up our batteries and get on with the day full of life and coffee inspired vigor. You may be interested to know that coffee was first introduced to North America in the year of 1668  and not long after, the first coffee house in New York named “The Kings Arms” opened it’s doors. I can imagine that first cup was something quite extraordinary as statistics show that today at least 50% of all Americans drink coffee.

Many of us consider Paris to be the cafe capitol of the world as you haven’t really lived until you’ve tried a traditional cafe au laite and flaky croissant for breakfast in one of this city’s quaint and historic cafes’. if you have been thinking of transforming your kitchen into an elegant Parisian cafe, now is the time to follow that coffee kitchen decor dream, as there are so many Paris style items available like, coffee cup metal wall art to go with your classic bistro table and chairs and gorgeous cafe style kitchen curtains with coffee imagery to set a truly Parisian cafe scene There are adorable French cafe wall plaques and coffee cups that remind us that “Paris is always a good idea.”and some romantic French music softly playing, will bring a little joie de vivre to your Paris, coffee kitchen decor theme.

You’ll find a million recipes for making popular French macarons and if you are ever in Paris the place to go is Maison Laduree a luxury French bakery specializing in colorful, double-decker macarons that are as the French would say, nourriture délicieuse.

If you want to add in some authentic pieces that date back in time, take a trip to your local flea market and see what you can find. The Parisians are notorious for decorating their homes with a mix of old and new, so it makes sense to add in some French vintage flair amongst the classic, tres belle Paris, coffee kitchen decor, look you have created in your home.


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