Coffee Shop OPEN 24/7 Vintage, Antique Tin Sign

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What is it about old tin coffee signs that make us smile with appreciation for a time long past…

as the remnants of that era are reproduced for the modern age—-so we can enjoy a bit of coffee house history on our kitchen wall—like this endearing 1950’s inspired “Coffee Shop Open 24/7” antique sign looking worse for wear but perfect if you are a fan of vintage/antique coffee collectibles.

Back in the 50’s coffeehouses were a place people congregated to converse…

listen to the jazz , folk music of the day and air their political views to those keen to listen. With the 50’s being a conservative time, teenagers were drawn to this rebellious ambiance, as the generation gap widened and the sounds of Elvis and Chuck Berry echoed through the radio waves.

The sign measures 7.8″  11.8″…

so not huge piece of wall art but a great start to a coffee themed wall, sure to be a conversation starter when friends pop around to share an espresso and the amazing coffee house atmosphere you have created.



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