Pretty, Popular Coffee Themed “Fresh Brewed”Tin Stove Burner Covers

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I remember some years back paying my cousin a visit and noticing she had covers on her stone burners—to which she explained looked so much nicer and gave her extra counter space, in what was a relatively compact kitchen. I didn’t give it a lot of thought until I’ve since moved into a cottage style home with an original kitchen that was not designed for modern day living, with next to no counter space—so recalling my cousins great idea I began searching for just the right range top covers, until I came across these lovely, aged retro looking burner covers made of tin—perfect for my vintage kitchen theme..

It seems great minds think alike!!

As so many of you have opted for these stylish covers giving your oven a highly decorative appeal, while protecting the stove burners from wear, dirt, spills and scratches and giving you an extra workplace for meal prepping.

The set has two-approx. 8″ round covers plus two-10″ covers ready to add a fun, colorful coffee theme to your electric stove and kitchen— so much better than a plain looking stove.




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