Quality Cafe Themed Set Of (4) Vintage Coffee Canvas, Framed Prints

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A beautiful piece of art-work placed for all to enjoy in the home…

Has a heartwarming appeal, especially if you are a coffee lover and the subject matter is dear to your heart—like this endearing set of canvas prints featuring classic imagery of  a vintage coffee grinder, sack of coffee beans and cup of steaming hot coffee—highlighting the age old process of creating that perfect cup of joe, you look forward to first thing in the morning and throughout the day

This outstanding artwork comprises of four canvas prints…

With two measuring (12″ x 26″) plus the larger two prints (12″ x 35″) are stretched onto a wooden frame, with a hook attached, at the back—ready to hang.The rich, golden wood color with various shades of brown makes for a visual treat when hung in your kitchen/dining room, instantly warming up the space while adding a decor dynamic, you’ll love seeing in the home.

Another likely place to display this quality coffee wall feature…

Would be in your cafe as a an eye-catching draw-card to customers coming in for their daily late, espresso, cappuccino–spending time soaking up the coffee house ambiance and top choice of art-work!


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