Stylish, Black Metal Coffee Mug Single-Serve Pod Holder

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Creating a cool coffee themed kitchen means adding those little touches of decor perfection that make the chefs room a place for coffee lovers to hang out and enjoy the aromatic ambiance, of a coffee house at home!

Super, Stylish Coffee Mug, K-Pod Holder

This stylish, black metal coffee mug measuring 9″ x 7″ in diameter, is designed to hold 25 of your favorite single-serve coffee pods adding a fun and functional element to the overall theme. You can have a ball collecting items you like to make your kitchen a coffee lovers haven, where friends love to stop by and grab a quick latte on their way to work, or spend time with their coffee friend, catching up on the news of the day.

There’s no need to leave home and grab a cappuccino at the local cafe when you have your own private coffee bar, in your coffee decorated kitchen!

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