Vintage Red Kitchen Coffee, Tea, Sugar Enamel Canisters

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The world has gone vintage with a nostalgic salute to all things presenting a bit of history and maybe even a story to tell like these retro red, vintage canisters—-fabulously fifties in style and still a great choice for storing your coffee, tea and sugar. Chances are you saw something very similar on a favorite visit to the grandparents house as a child and special times spent eating grandmas cake and hearing her advice about life in general—has endeared you to a kitchen with this style of decor and perhaps a vintage coffee theme.

Retro Red, 50’s Style Kitchen Canisters!

This sturdy set of (3) enamel red canisters are coated in steel with each one measuring 4.1″ in diameter x 6″ in height. They are labelled Coffee, Tea, Sugar and feature an airtight silicone seal to preserve the freshness of these everyday staples, while having that charming vintage look we love to display and have around us as a reminder of happy times spent with family in our younger years.

More Color Choices!

You can get these cool canisters in red, cream or a pretty, vintage blue—so plenty to choose from to fit with your kitchen color scheme and if you like the look there is a cake tin, bread box, utensil tin to add to your collection

(Please check the canister sizes so you are happy with your purchase and how much coffee, tea and sugar you can get in each jar!


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