Cafe Style 10 Oz Coffee Mug and Spoon, (Set of 4), Brown, White,

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How many of us coffee lovers have a pile of mismatched coffee cups in the cupboard that we dread bringing out when friends stop by. Well that’s about to change as I’ve spotted this good looking set of four, stoneware coffee cups, two  of them are cream with stunning brown writing and imagery while the other two are a dark rich brown, much like the color of coffee, highlighted with cream words and  a steaming hot cup of coffee illustration. These really grab the eye and make it impossible not to get, as they are very appealing to us fans of fun, fabulous coffee decor and a good brew. There is a serving spoon attached to each mug, which I think is a nice touch and each cup has reference to the way coffee is said in Italian (caife) and African (koffee).. I’m not surprised these mugs were designed in Paris as they have that ooh la la French chic appeal

The ceramic mugs have no problem with the dishwasher or microwave and they hold approx 10 ounces of your favorite coffee. The serving spoon fits nicely onto the handle and it’s also comforting to know that these coffee mugs are lead-free safe.

if you are giving this set as a gift, they come ready packaged in a clear box and I can only imagine how thrilled a coffee loving friend, family member or associate will be at your thoughtfulness and excellent taste in coffee mugs

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