What is it about old tin coffee signs that make us smile with appreciation for a time long past... as the remnants of that era are reproduced for the modern age----so we can enjoy a bit of coffee house history on our kitchen wall---like this...

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For the price of a few cups of your favorite coffee at the local cafe... you could have your kitchen looking coffee shop perfect---with your own creative display of these fun and highly decorative wall decals---featuring charming, vintage cafe...

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The alarm has gone off---time to get up and hit the gym, get ready for work or finish that essay.... BUT FIRST COFFEE!!! If this is how your day begins, this ultra-stylish coffee themed sign has to find a place on the kitchen wall above your...

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A beautiful piece of art-work placed for all to enjoy in the home... Has a heartwarming appeal, especially if you are a coffee lover and the subject matter is dear to your heart---like this endearing set of canvas prints featuring classic imagery...

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There are plenty of great ideas when it comes to creating a unique coffee themed kitchen---like this rustic coffee bar made of reclaimed barn/fence wood you can place on the wall with four coffee cup hooks attached and enough room to display coffee...

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Lovely vintage coffee themed wall sign

Ideal for hanging over the espresso machine, this adorable "Anything is Possible With Enough Coffee" wall sign has a lovely handcrafted appeal with a wooden (MDF) look and classic rope strung through holes on the board. If you love decor that has...

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What makes this wall decal so appealing, is the coffee cup filled with cute coffee cups, love hearts, stars, cup cakes you can order in the color of your choice, so if you decide you want a white decal to go on your colorful kitchen wall, no problem...

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Check out the time in your kitchen with a unique wall clock, in gorgeous coffee bean colors showcasing a steaming cup of joe and roasted beans canvas, print, the perfect look for a kitchen with a java theme!The square shaped clock measures 16"...

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Here's a positive, fun affirmation to drink your morning coffee with and is so easy to install in your kitchen, as an affordable wall decal that can be applied to a smooth, clean surface in no time at all Coffee Lovers Quote! You get clear...

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