Coffee Kitchen Decor

The best part of every morning has got to be waking up to a delightful cup of coffee. The rich, robust smells and limitless options of flavors cater to just about any taste buds, and the methods to brew java is just as vast. But it doesn’t just stop in the making and enjoying the flavors of a good cup of joe that can brighten your day—you can showcase your love for all things coffee with décor in your home! Coffee kitchen décor is actually just as limitless in options as the yummy coffee you drink itself, so no matter what your personal style, you can find tons of ways to bring coffee into your kitchen space.

It’s All About The Coffee!

The creation of the coffee is the most important thing—so put together your very own coffee station in your kitchen! A small coffee maker blinged out with personalization is the center of a great coffee bar, along with a cool canister to house your coffee beans and a tower of colorful mugs. Don’t forget a java-themed hand towel and coffee scoop to complete the coffee bar setup, too.

Beyond the coffee bar itself, you can express your love of coffee all over your kitchen. Sandstone coasters with images of steaming mugs of espresso or a wall clock with gleaming coffee beans are both unique and beautiful ways to decorate. Frilly coffee curtains over the kitchen windows, a soft cushy mat for under your feet, and a canvas artwork of a Parisian café are all amazing additions to transform any kitchen into something amazing. Little details are important as well, so opt for neat additions such as coffee drawer pulls and cabinet handles. Put up coffee themed magnets on your refrigerator and pick out some interesting decals that boast coffee-loving phrases. You can even bring in coffee décor that appeals to all your senses, such as coffee scented candles or coffee cup wind-chimes that greet you happily every morning.

More Ideas For A Coffee Lovers Theme..

The most important thing is to put your own spin on your coffee kitchen décor. Maybe you love darker roasts or maybe you love sugary sweet lattes. Think of what you love most about coffee and display that in the form of big and bold or small and subtle design all over the most important room in your home. Of course, you can’t forget about coffee’s greatest accessories—creamers, sugars, and syrups! Create fun ways to display these accessories as well, whether that be in simple apothecary jars, glittery tins, or colorful shelving.

Coffee love doesn’t have to stop in the cup—surround yourself with the sweet wake-me-up of delicious coffee in any way you choose!

Cool Coffee Wall Sign

Coffee Themed Wall Sign

Vintage Coffee Grinder

Vintage Coffee Decor

Coffee Themed Kitchen Shelving!

Coffee Themed Shelving

Latte, Java Coffee Cup Decals!

Coffee Cups Wall Decal

Coffee Kitchen Towels

Coffee Kitchen Towels

Coffee Canister

Coffee Canister

Cafe Curtains

Coffee Themed Curtains













Coffee Kitchen Decor Christmas gifts

it’s that wonderful time of year, fast approaching when we all get to show our love, appreciation for friends and family with thoughtful gifts and if that includes a coffee lover, creating a cool, coffee kitchen decor theme, you’ll be be excited to see so many great gift ideas, right here to choose from!

Unique Coffee Kitchen Decor Christmas Gifts!

Coffee wall signs depicting funny slogans from the 50’s are always a popular choice with awesome wall decals reminding you that it’s coffee time in your home, any time of the day or night! Beautifully designed coffee cups are always a welcome gift and for the favorite relative with a keen sense of humour, the largest coffee cup in the world is sure to be a hit, with quality good looking, functional coffee canisters to display on their kitchen counter.

Towels decorated with cute coffee images and full linen sets including oven mitts and pot holders are an inspiring gift for the coffee lover who craves anything for their kitchen, with an awesome coffee motif! Pretty cafe curtains create a charming backdrop to a coffee kitchen decor look, while kitchen mats, rugs in gorgeous coffee colors with stylish espresso, cappuccino imagery will have the recipient jumping for joy and super happy to add exciting, coffee Christmas gifts, to their own coffee house theme!

You can’t go wrong giving a coffee fan what they love, so this Christmas fill the stockings with lots of inspiring coffee kitchen decor gifts!

More Great Christmas Gifts For Coffee Lovers!

TTop Christmas Gifts Ideas For Coffee Lovers

Coffee kitchen Decor Christmas Gifts

Coffee Kitchen Decor Christmas Gifts

Coffee Kitchen Decor Christmas Gifts

I’ll start off this blog post by issuing an order? Of course you don’t have to follow it, but I’m sure you’re going to like it. So go grab a coffee and come back for a coffee extravaganza…

You’re back? Glad you are!

I’m going to talk about one of my favorite pastimes, drinks and occupations of all time. “COFFEE”. Yep, I’m a self-confessed coffee addict with a HUGE appetite for drinking as many as I can in a day. I think I drink from 15 to 20 cups a day so yes, I go through quite a ton of coffee. Instant I might add, cappuccino’s and latte’s for me.

I’ve always got my eye on coffee related stuff. I don’t know why I have such a fascination. Some people are into Vampires, others are into Tattoos some people are into collecting stamps. But my passion, well one of them, is salivating at coffee related products.

So today, I’m going to talk about coffee cup kitchen décor. You see, there are a ton of different kinds of coffee cups you can get. From the hilariously funny ones to exquisitely made coffee cups, the kind you see in magazines and cafes. I actually adore LARGE coffee cups. The bigger, the better. And I LOVE the funny ones. I so relate to the jokes found on these cups that I always have a secret giggle to myself about all the reluctant coffee addicts out there who sympathize with another person’s addiction.

Ha! So funny.

It’s what gets me up in the morning. Makes me feel happy. Makes me feel less stressed. And yes, it’s so ROMANTIC too. Yes my fascination with coffee does inspire romantic connections with a loved one in a quaint cafe, sipping away enjoying each others company. I think I do romanticize coffee. I just LOVE IT!

But going back to the topic of coffee cup kitchen décor, I absolutely adore what’s in the market these days. There is always something you can find either in your local shop or online that will make you smile and think heavenly thoughts. The kinds of coffee cups you can buy now are divine. Really special.

Over the years I have collected quite a few coffee cups. Every one I adoringly looked at and have used until they broke. I’m particular about cups. They happen to be quite important to me. And I like to have a special one.

I have a fond memory of a Nescafe advertisement and packaging. Don’t you recall they always use a red mug. (Red being my favorite color). Well, I have that image in my mind. I think it was one of the ads I always remembered that made me a coffee lover for life!

Check out some coffee cup kitchen décor on this blog. You’ll be happy you did!








Does thinking about a frothy cappuccino or a creamy latte excite you? Do you adore everything about coffee and mad about all coffee related products? I’m a proud, unadulterated coffee addict and nothing gives me greater pleasure than indulging in a cup of coffee, at any time of the day or night and in every situation. In fact I can honestly say I choose this beverage over any other beverage whether they are alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages.

My fascination with coffee started as a child. I wasn’t allowed many during my childhood but since I was chief coffee maker for the home, I gradually began to see the benefits. As I hit my teens I began drinking coffee quite regularly and even tried Chicory Coffee which my parents bought on wholesale.

Over the years I started drinking up to 15-20 cups a day, and to this day I still drink a large amount. I’m so used to the coffee hit my body has adjusted rather well to the caffeine, considering…

But I LOVE coffee. Any type of coffee. Instant, Percolated, Bean, Milkshakes. You name it. If it’s coffee I drink it.

And today, I want to talk to you about Coffee Themed Kitchen Decor. What is that? Well, if you’re a keen coffee drinker like I am you may like to purchase some fun and exquisite kitchen décor for your home, and they’re all related to coffee.

I find Coffee Themed Kitchen Decor beautiful and what you can get now is simply amazing. From Coasters and Quirky Cups to Pictures and Light Fittings. For example come and check out these cute Salt and Pepper Shakers?


Aren’t they the most adorable little things out. This is what I would like to buy for myself. I absolutely LOVE stuff like this. And the best part, you can really dress a Kitchen well in this coffee-themed look.

Or how about these super nifty Espresso Stove Tops?

Aren’t they adorable? I can imagine them in my kitchen.

Look, there are so many Coffee Themed Kitchen Decor products out there, simply loads, that are absolutely gorgeous. Some of them are fun things too. If you just take a look at this blog and in particular our shop you can see all the different kinds of coffee related products you can buy.

So if like me you ADORE your coffee and are interested in making your kitchen sparkle with Espresso’s and Cappuccino’s check out our shop. You’ll be glad you did!





So you have just returned from your favorite, local coffee shop and would love to recreate the same ambiance and look in your own kitchen. if your’e  sitting with a freshly brewed latte thinking how you are going to achieve this goal without spending too much, the good news is you might be closer than you think to making this happen as the coffee kitchen decor available today is generally inexpensive, with a wide variety of items from coffee wall art to great looking canisters that keep your coffee fresh plus coffee cups, kitchen towels, rugs and cafe curtains all with a magic coffee theme.

if you’re kitchen cabinetry is stained wood, you’re half way there as this look is popular in coffee shops giving a warm, cozy and inviting appeal, making you want to stay there all day, drinking coffee with friends. You could paint the walls, cabinets into a soft white, black or warm coffee colors and create a menu chalkboard for coffee house authenticity, as most coffee shops pop up in well used retail spaces where there is often exposed brick, concrete giving an industrial feel that is easily emulated with wooden countertops and metal furniture in this style

You might want to take off some cabinet doors to give that classic open look you see in coffee shops and showcase coffee kitchen decor items like classic black and white coffee cups, jars filled with coffee beans, old coffee pots, a commercial coffee maker and anything you can find of interest to catch the eye. Cover the walls in vintage coffee tin signs and old prints or pictures that feature yesteryear coffee adverts. Metal wall art and clocks are also a popular coffee wall decor choice.

Today’s coffee houses are a timeless mix of old and new, so source charity shops for antique coffee items that will get your kitchen looking like a coffee shop that anyone would love to spend time in. For ideas visit your local coffee hangout and write down all the things you would like to have included in your kitchen theme. Take note of the color scheme, furniture  and coffee decor you want to emulate. Keep this checklist with you as you look for the coffee kitchen decor you think will work the best.

You might find when friends pop by, they may never want to leave!



Ever woken from a dream to have the scintillating smell of freshly brewed coffee wafting through your bedroom, bringing you completely awake and ready to follow that irresistible aura of coffee, waiting for you to take that first invigorating sip?

Such is the power of this daily toil that has many of us eagerly waiting for that coffee break at work or home so we can charge up our batteries and get on with the day full of life and coffee inspired vigor. You may be interested to know that coffee was first introduced to North America in the year of 1668  and not long after, the first coffee house in New York named “The Kings Arms” opened it’s doors. I can imagine that first cup was something quite extraordinary as statistics show that today at least 50% of all Americans drink coffee.

Many of us consider Paris to be the cafe capitol of the world as you haven’t really lived until you’ve tried a traditional cafe au laite and flaky croissant for breakfast in one of this city’s quaint and historic cafes’. if you have been thinking of transforming your kitchen into an elegant Parisian cafe, now is the time to follow that coffee kitchen decor dream, as there are so many Paris style items available like, coffee cup metal wall art to go with your classic bistro table and chairs and gorgeous cafe style kitchen curtains with coffee imagery to set a truly Parisian cafe scene There are adorable French cafe wall plaques and coffee cups that remind us that “Paris is always a good idea.”and some romantic French music softly playing, will bring a little joie de vivre to your Paris, coffee kitchen decor theme.

You’ll find a million recipes for making popular French macarons and if you are ever in Paris the place to go is Maison Laduree a luxury French bakery specializing in colorful, double-decker macarons that are as the French would say, nourriture délicieuse.

If you want to add in some authentic pieces that date back in time, take a trip to your local flea market and see what you can find. The Parisians are notorious for decorating their homes with a mix of old and new, so it makes sense to add in some French vintage flair amongst the classic, tres belle Paris, coffee kitchen decor, look you have created in your home.


With the kitchen being the heart of many a home, it’s no wonder the head chef wants this busy space looking just right, so they can create those culinary meals the family look forward to at dinner time and cater to their own personal passion for coffee, by creating a coffee kitchen decor that will be fun and functional!

Now all you need to do is pick a theme and that could be a 50’s diner look with lots of chrome and humorous coffee themed tins signs, featuring outspoken ladies from the 50’s having their say, with a classic black and white checkered floor like you’d find in a 50’s diner and brightly colored kitchen cupboards and appliances in pink, mint green or red. With this style of coffee kitchen decor you could have a jukebox playing hits from the 50’s with Elvis and Little Richard serenading you and your coffee morning friends, who just love stopping by at the local diner on their street, where they’ll reminisce about their teenage days drinking coffee at the nearby coffee house.

You see coffee is a way of life for many, not just something you do, like eating breakfast or going to work, it’s an experience that blasts the senses and gives you that get up and go feeling, so needed in this ever changing, fast paced world. With so many different blends to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice, so wouldn’t it be nice to have your own 50’s style cafe, in the heart of your home, where all are welcome to partake in a hot cup of joe!


The best part of waking up for many is knowing the reward is that intoxicating smell of fresh, brewed coffee, waiting for you to take that first sip while breathing in the aroma of your favorite brew. One cup later and the world seems a better place to be and you’re ready to face what ever life has in store.

I kid you not, without that early morning cup of coffee,there would be a ton of people appearing at work looking out of sorts, while they try and make an excuse with the boss as to why they need to pop out of the office for 10 minutes.

Some take this love affair with coffee to another level and decorate their kitchen with various stypes of coffee collectibles making a coffee themed kitchen a cool place for coffee lover friends to visit and you to enjoy your daily intake, while enjoying the coffee related ambiance

You can create a coffee kitchen decor theme so easily and for less than you think as the decor items on the market today is aimed right at the coffee connoisseur with awesome 50’s style tin signs, that look like they came from an old diner back then, plus coffee canisters that come in all shapes and sizes to stand on your counter where like minded friends can admire, when they phone to say they are coming round for a chat and coffee.

One of my personal favorites is kitchen curtains with adorable coffee cup imagery, that transforms a coffee kitchen into a Parisian style cafe, another look popular with fans of a coffee kitchen. You can add coffee kitchen towels to really enhance the look while coffee kitchen rugs are also a clever addition to a coffee kitchen decor theme

Don’t forget to invest in some good looking coffee mugs that are also a pleasure to drink from and if you are thinking of creating a vintage coffee kitchen decor look, you can check out the local charity stores and markets for items from the past that will compliment the classic, coffee decor style you are trying to achieve.

There are many ways to make your coffee kitchen decor, a coffee dream theme and we are here to help you achieve that magic look!


Coffee is universally loved and nothing can give your kitchen the design flair than a java theme. The best part of every morning is waking up to the delicious aroma of a great cup of brew, so why not take that happy feeling even further by surrounding yourself with it all day and night in the most important room in your home. A coffee kitchen decor theme, is a delightful space in which you can showcase your love for coffee while making it! The options are limitless when it comes to décor and you can be as bold or as subtle as you prefer.

A coffee themed kitchen can have several different feels to choose from. A Parisian café, sweet country, or a warm mix of styles are all options you have when it comes to how you want your kitchen to look. An obvious choice for decorations are coffee mugs, dishes, and barware—but did you know there is so much more you can infuse a coffee k theme into? Put up an accent of mocha ceramic tiles or table placemats with steaming coffee cup images. Handtowels, dish drying towels, and even more decorative types of towels can feature fun pop art of coffee themes and really add a dose of color to the kitchen. Signs or canvas artwork are also a brilliant idea to hang up on the walls along your kitchen, or you can opt for removable coffee wall decals for a bigger look.

Get creative with a zany coffee mug wall clock or miniature salt and pepper shakers in the shapes of coffee pots. Show off your own style and love for coffee at once with colorful coffee kitchen mats, window curtains, or stove covers. When deciding on the perfect additions of coffee decor, you’ve got the yummy world of java design right at your fingertips.

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