Coffee Kitchen Decor 50’s Style

With the kitchen being the heart of many a home, it’s no wonder the head chef wants this busy space looking just right, so they can create those culinary meals the family look forward to at dinner time and cater to their own personal passion for coffee, by creating a coffee kitchen decor that will be fun and functional!

Now all you need to do is pick a theme and that could be a 50’s diner look with lots of chrome and humorous coffee themed tins signs, featuring outspoken ladies from the 50’s having their say, with a classic black and white checkered floor like you’d find in a 50’s diner and brightly colored kitchen cupboards and appliances in pink, mint green or red. With this style of coffee kitchen decor you could have a jukebox playing hits from the 50’s with Elvis and Little Richard serenading you and your coffee morning friends, who just love stopping by at the local diner on their street, where they’ll reminisce about their teenage days drinking coffee at the nearby coffee house.

You see coffee is a way of life for many, not just something you do, like eating breakfast or going to work, it’s an experience that blasts the senses and gives you that get up and go feeling, so needed in this ever changing, fast paced world. With so many different blends to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice, so wouldn’t it be nice to have your own 50’s style cafe, in the heart of your home, where all are welcome to partake in a hot cup of joe!


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