Coffee Kitchen Decor

Need a small intuitive coffee maker that instinctively knows how to make the best coffee you ever tasted?This chic, silver coffee machine is supremely versatile, offering a cost-effective way to make your favorite brew with any brand of ground...

$34.88 as at 08:36 UTC. (Details)

A great idea for a coffee themed kitchen, is filling a wall with nostalgic, vintage signs that are readily available and at a price that makes collecting them a whole lotta fun. This colorful, tin sign featuring and old-fashioned percolator will add...

$9.99 as at 08:36 UTC. (Details)

What better to have on your counter than a "display perfect" cutting board, featuring artistic imagery of the jolly chef in his coffee house, soon to be on show in your kitchen where you'll smile every-time you see it, while prepping food for the...

$19.99 as at 04:12 UTC. (Details)

Cute and colorful wooden wall art sign with stacked coffee mugs presents an artistic, visual effect you'll love to see on your kitchen wall! Great Value, Coffee Kitchen Sign! Size is 5" in width x 11" in height, so it's not a huge sign and will...

$6.99 as at 08:36 UTC. (Details)

Retro tin signs have an endearing charm that makes us feel all nostalgic bringing the odd tear to our eye, as this rustic coffee sign will do once it's up on the wall, just where you want it in a kitchen with a classy, coffee theme Rustic Vintage...

$9.95 as at 20:05 UTC. (Details)

Wonderful French inspired, coffee themed set of (4) place mats featuring elegant French writing with reference to an infamous New Orleans cafe, while showcasing an antique coffee grinder, coffee pot, sack filled with coffee beans and cafe style cups...

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Every coffee lover needs a great looking wall clock to let them know it's time for their morning coffee group or latte break at work and if you've been having fun creating an awesome coffee themed kitchen, this funky brown wall clock with a cafe...

$43.99 as at 08:34 UTC. (Details)

Picture this set of four, modern coffee themed canvas framed prints, on your coffee kitchen wall, dining area or cafe, showcasing classic coffee inspired imagery for you to fill that empty space and enjoy! Stylish, Coffee Themed Wall Art! Each...

$18.90 as at 08:36 UTC. (Details)

Personalize your kitchen look with an eye-catching kitchen towel set, showcasing fun, decorative coffee, cutlery, imagery set against a collage of French script and fashionable prints, perfect for a coffee kitchen theme! It's Coffee Time In Your...

$24.99 as at 08:36 UTC. (Details)