Place this vintage style wooden box featuring the words "Cafedo Brasil" (Coffee from Brazil) on the counter, or on a shelf where you can fill it with K-cups, coffee themed kitchen towels, anything your coffee lover heart desires. Coffee Kitchen...

$12.50 as at 08:26 UTC. (Details)

Presented in a classy metallic bronze, gold tarnished finish, this set of three 3D coffee house metal mugs featuring bistro style writing on a gold Mocha cup with copper steam, an all bronze Latte cup, plus gold Java cup with silver saucer and...

$11.99 as at 02:44 UTC. (Details)

Making coffee every morning, noon and night, is now a breeze with this super pretty black and white, coffee themed mat that sits under your coffee machine ready to keep your counter, coffee station clean as it absorbs all the splatters and drips,...

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it's always exciting to find a set of quality, hand-painted ceramic canisters for coffee, tea, sugar that sit on your  counter and add to the ambiance of a kitchen decorated, in your favorite coffee theme! Attractive Coffee Themed Kitchen...

$59.99 as at 11:37 UTC. (Details)

Light up your coffee bar, kitchen with a great looking sign featuring 11 LED lights, that illuminate the word coffee with a 50's diner appeal. ideal for a fun gift, or standout wall feature in your Coffee/Tea lovers home. "Tea And Coffee" Vintage...

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Coffee Themed Wall Sign

Here is another great wall sign to add to your coffee themed feature wall and smile every time you read the humorous slant on classic life inspiring quotes like "Espresso yourself'" or "Take Life One Cup At A Time" Cool, Coffee Wall Decor! The...

$19.99 as at 16:01 UTC. (Details)
Vintage Coffee Decor

Step back in time to when coffee was ground in the old fashioned way, with a grinder very much like this highly decorative piece of coffee mill history, ideal for a coffee kitchen theme! Fun, Functional Manual Coffee Grinder! Fully functional and...

$16.94 as at 08:35 UTC. (Details)

This caught my eye and knew I had to share it with like minded souls who can totally relate to this fun, endearing sentiment. As the loving friend of two small dogs and "Romeo" my adorable ginger cat, I can't think of a better wall sign to hang in...

$8.95 as at 15:48 UTC. (Details)

If you want to create an adorable Paris cafe, style kitchen, this charming curtain set featuring (two) mocha, espresso, latte coffee illustrated tiers with a matching valance, will be a wonderful find. Colorful,Coffee Themed Curtains! The colors...

$12.99 as at 21:48 UTC. (Details)